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The Case of the Backward Mule

Erle Stanley Gardner

Price: $ 10.00


Backward Mule


Kok Koh was a Chinese philoso­pher who rode his mule backwards. He

claimed it made no difference where he was going. All that counted was what he did along the way.


Terry Clane thought this a serene and comfort­ing way of life. He liked it so much that he bought a small statue of Chow Kok Koh riding his mule, and gave it to his fiancé as a gift. That was Clane's mistake. Instead of a good-luck symbol, it proved an omen of evil. For within a short time, Clane's favorite young lady was up to her handsome neck in murder. And Clane's beloved statue of the peace­ful and fatalistic Chow Kok Koh was covered with the blood of the killer's victim!


Clane closed the bedroom door and looked at the woman. She was wearing nothing but a slip. Her blond hair was uncombed. A cigarette dangled from her lower lip.

"What the hell do you want?" she spat out.

What Clane wanted — and fast —was the answer to one question:
Who killed Horace Farnsworth? But to get the truth he had to handle this tough babe just right. She was as touchy as a trainload of nitro-glycerin. One wrong move on Clane's part and she might blow his case so high he could never find the pieces again ... just out of pure, overdeveloped viciousness!

Published by: Pocket Books (855)

Category: Mystery

Cover by Edition:
Format: Soft cover,  pages

Condition: (VG) Very Good Used paperback, Covers glossy, Square Binding, all pages are clean and complete...




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