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Title: Beau Sabreur

Author: P.C. Wren

Price: $7.50

Early Wars Adventure Novel

BEAU SABREUR is the story of Henri de Beaujolais, swordsman, lover and officer, and his adventures amidst the violence of a desperate mutiny and the spectacular thrills of a desert escape.

"Hack the Roumi in pieces! Throw her to the dogs!"

De Beaujolais heard the shouts from the compound and knew what they meant. Crazed by blood-lust and hashish, the Arabs had revolted and were out to massacre the white men and their women.

He ran to the house just in time to see the last of Mary's fanatical pursuers' race up the outside staircase to the roof.

Reaching the roof, De Beaujolais drove his sword through the man nearest Mary. He had sliced halfway through the neck of another when the rest of the howling pack were upon them . . .



Publisher: Perma/Doubleday (# P232 )

Edition: First Date: 1953

Cover art: Ray Pease

Category: Early Wars, Adventure / Romance

Format: Paperback 353 pages

Condition: Gently Used, (VG) Glossy covers, all pages complete and clean.




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