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The Road to Bithynia

Frank G. Slaughter




The Road to Bithnia

Here is a novel of tempestuous emotions set against the brilliant, barbaric days following the Crucifixion. Interwoven with vivid scenes of orgiastic rites and decadent splendors is the reverent and inspiring story of Luke the Physician. Born to wealth and power, Luke cast them off to find love in the person of the beautiful Thecla and truth in the eternal words of the Master.


The tramp of marching feet in the prison corridor warned Luke and Thecla that the time had come. The door was flung open and the officer of the guards began to read from a tablet.

"Thecla of Iconium, you have been judged guilty of being a follower of the pretender, Jesus of Nazareth. It is therefore the will of King Herod and the Emperor Claudius that you shall die this day by being lashed to a bull and sent among the lions."

He put down the tablet and stepped up to Thecla. Seizing the collar of her robe, he ripped it com­pletely from her body. The rude violation of the girl's beauty was more than Luke could stand. With a strangled cry, he threw himself upon the officer, crashing him against the wall. . .


Published by: Perma Books (Cat#P241)

Category: Novel,

Edition: First

Cover art:

Date Published: 1953

Format: Softcover, 440 Pages

Condition: Used, VG, Nearly New




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