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Romance Books


79 Park Avenue Harold Robbins

A Cry of the Children - John Horne Burns

A Streetcar Named Desire - Tennessee Williams

A Swell Looking Girl Erskine Caldwell

Back Street Fannie Hurst

Barbary Slave - Kevin Matthews

Bitter Honeymoon and other Stories - Alberto Moravia

Candidate for Love

Maysie Greig




Castle in the Swamp

Edison Marshall


Deep Waters Ruth Moore
The Grass Harp -
Truman Capote

Dr. Woodwards Ambition Elizabeth Seifert

Footprint of Cinderella - Philip Wylie

Frenchman's Creek - Daphne du Maurier

Honey From A Dark Hive Bernice Kavinoky

If a Man Answers Winifred Wolfe

Intruders, The Robert Bright

Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier

Last Tango in Paris - Robert Alley

Mittee Daphne Rook

Morning, Winter and Night - John Nairne Michaelson - SOLD

Palm Springs Weekend - Marvin H. Alpert

Past All Dishonor James M. Cain

Port Royal - Noel B. Gerson

Rogue Royal Donn O'Hara

Sayonara - James A. Michener

Son of the Giant Stuart Engstrand

Splendid Quest, The Edison Marshall

Spring Fire Vin Packer

Strange Fruit Lillian Smith

Strangers and Lovers - Edwin Granberry

Tea and Sympathy - Robert Anderson

The Chinese Room Vivian Connell

The Daughter - Arthur Markowitz

The Future Mister Dolan Charles Gorham

The Girl From Rome Michael Durafour

The Mustard Seed - Vicki Baum

The Sea Waifs John Vail

Tiger in the Garden - Speed Lamkin

We Were Strangers Robert Sylvester
The Golden Blade -
John Clou
Rogue Royal -
Donn O'Hara

White Fawn - Olive Higgins Prouty

World so Wide Sinclair Lewis

Young Lovers (Frankie and Johnnie) Meyer Levin

Fielding's Folly Frances Parkinson Keys