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Military and War Books

70,000 to One Quentin Reynolds

A Stillness at Appomattox - Bruce Catton

Blackcock's Feather - Maurice Walsh

Command Decision William Wister Haines

Comrades of War Sven Hassel

Fire and Morning - Francis Leary

Midway - Mitsuo Fuchida and Masatake Okumiya
G-8 Purple Aces - Robert J Hogan
the Black Camp -
Lou Cameron

Operation Sea Lion Peter Flemming
See Here, Private Hargrove Marion Hargrove

Psychology for the Fighting Man U.S. Government

Raid at Dieppe - Quentin Reynolds

South by Java Head Alistair MacLean

Suleiman The Magnificent: Sultan of the East Harold Lamb

The Dead Are Mine James E. Ross

The Far Side of Home Maggie Davis

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Vincente Blasco Ibanez

The Ship C.S. Forester

Those Devils in Baggy Pants Ross S. Carter

Wild Drums Beat F. Van Wyck Mason

Voyage to Somewhere Sloan Wilson