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Dell Map back #937


TITLE: Murder at Hazelmoor

Author: Agatha Christie

PRICE: $5.00

Murder at Hazelmoor Agatha Christie Murder

Shocked by the intrusion of such deadly information into their light-hearted game, everybody forsakes the table and its message as a poor joke. But Major Burnaby is disturbed enough to leave immediately, claiming he'll walk through the snow to see if Captain Trevelyan is indeed all right. When he reaches the Captain's cottage, the doors are locked and there's no response. He calls the local police, and together Burnaby and Inspector Narracott find a side door open and the Captain face down on the carpet, killed with a blow to the back of his neck by a sand-filled drought stopper. The doctor called in determines the death to have occurred at approximately 5:25 PM.


After tea at Sittaford House, one of the guests suggests the group amuse themselves with 'table turning' a somewhat psychic game akin to the ouija board. Everyone sits around a small table in front of the fire with their hands on the top to ask questions of the spirit world. The table replies by thumping out yes, no, or so many thumps for so many letters of the alphabet to answer. This is how the gathering played at first, with the initial results being both frivolous and fun. Suddenly, the table thumps out the name TREVELYAN, followed by the word MURDER. The time is 5:25 in the afternoon.


The Sittaford House has new tenants, a widow and her daughter who cause the whole town to wonder what they're up to. When a seance at Sittaford summons a spirit who claims that the house's owner has been murdered, a snowstorm descends upon before anyone can verify this ghostly premonition.


Publisher: DELL #937 (Previous Dell #391)

Edition: First New Dell, 1957

Cover Artist: Milton Gloser

Format: Soft cover, 224 Pages

Category: Mystery

Condition: Used, Clean covers and pages. All pages complete. Has a square binding with some very minor damage.






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