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Alistair MacLean

South by Java Head




South by Javahead
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The Japs poured into the city, pillaging, raping, murdering. On the last boat to slip out into the China Sea were a small and desperate group, drawn together by the crazy fortunes of war, knowing they sailed into the jaws of death. But knowing also that any death would be better than being captured alive. Among them were:

GUNDRUN DRACHMANN, a beautiful Eurasian nurse whose deeply scarred face was permanent evidence of an earlier meeting with Jap brutality.

JOHNNY NICOLSON, who swore that he would never surrender to anyone. He kept the last two bullets in his gun for him­self, and the girl.

FARNHOLME, the elegant beachcomber, whose drunkenness hid a secret past that was revealed only by his superb and unexpected talent with a machine gun.

And SIRAN, a slave trader with an English accent, who would do anything for a price, and who knew that this time the sky was the limit.


Condition: Like New, Circulated Paperback book, glossy covers, all pages are clean, clear and complete.


Category: Action, Adventure, War
Publisher: Perma Book Book (M4116)
Edition: Printed 1958, First Edition
Format: paperback, 296 pages



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