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King of the Range

By Max Brand

Price: $8.00



King of the Range


Dunmore's life depended on his ability to drop the man without letting him make a sound.

He jerked the outlaw closer till his face was a scant inch away. It was Cheffon.


Oscar Chelton one of Jim Tankerton's strong-arm boys. His instructions were to kill this man who had invaded their mountain stronghold. But Carrick Dunmore knew a few tricks. The kind that made a gun appear in his hand at lightning speed. Carrick meant to stay alive, at least long enough to settle his score with Jim Tankerton, personally.


Published by Pocket Books (# 584)

Category: Western, Adventure

Edition: First

Date: March 1949

Format: Soft cover, 249 pages

Condition: Very Fine. Good cover gloss, square binding, all pages clean and clear.



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