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The Long Swords

Author: Edward Frankland





The Long Swords


Sword and Axe


Roaring and ravaging, the Vikings blazed across England. What they wanted they took—food, riches, women. Gunnar saw Edwin's house and Edwin's wife. He wanted both.

Now he waited in the great hall for Edwin, standing in front of the fire. He held his battle-ax, its shaft bound with iron wire. The door opened. "Hail, Edwin," said Gunnar.

Edwin drew his sword. He dealt a swift slanting blow at Gunnar's head, but Gunnar parried it easily. A second blow fell on Gunnar's shoulder, but did not bite on his mail.

Then Gunnar swung his ax backhanded and caught Edwin below the ear. Blood spurted high.

Edwin gave at the knees and fell sidewise into the fire . . .

His wife laughed...

A resounding historical novel of eleventh century England when only a strong man could survive—and a woman's sole refuge was a warrior . .


Condition: (VG) Used paperback, Square spine, all pages clean and complete.

Published by:  Bantam Giant  (# A1425)

Category: Adventure, Victorian, War

Edition: First

Date: 1956

Format: Soft cover, 212 pages




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