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Author: Sloan Wilson

Voyage to Somewhere

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Voyage to Somewhere


"One of the few honest and straightforward sea books that have come out of the war."

New York Herald Tribune

As Lincoln Colcord went on to say of VOYAGE TO SOMEWHERE in the Weekly Book Review, "Nothing is glossed over; this is actually the way things went on board a small craft in the Pacific area, these are the mistakes men made and learned by, these are the things they thought and did.

"VOYAGE TO SOMEWHERE is a fine piece of writing, done with restraint and a keen sense of the values of life. It is the work of a man who has much to tell."

Sloan Wilson displays in this book the same sharp ear and discerning eye for the intimacies and frailties of men and women that he showed in THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT.


For Everybody Who Enjoyed MR. ROBERTS and THE CAINE MUTINY

In VOYAGE TO SOMEWHERE the talented author of THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT has written a story of men at sea that ranks with MR. ROBERTS, THE CAINE MUTINY, and other unfor­gettable novels of the Navy at war.

When Lieutenant Barton, who had hoped for quiet shore duty after his first two years of sea-warfare, was instead given command of a brand new hastily thrown together small cargo ship, given a crew of landlubbers whose names all began with "W", and told to take them into the war-torn waters of the South Pacific, it was but the start of as maddeningly exasperating an ordeal as any young man could face. To top it off, his first assign­ment turned out to be—carrying pineapples to Hawaii!

Realistically and skillfully depicted, VOYAGE TO SOMEWHERE will strike an immediate sympathetic note in everyone who has ever enjoyed a brilliant au­thor's account of everyday people in extraordinary situ­ations.


Published by: Ace Double Size Books  (D-154),  Date: 1946

Category: War, Humor, Adventure, Fiction

Edition: First
Format: Soft cover, 256 pages

Condition: (VGF) Used paperback, Covers are glossy, Square Binding; all pages are clean and complete. A beautiful edition. Clean and square. Hard to find in this nice shape.



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