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Title: West To The Sun

Author: Noel Loomis

Price: $4.25



West To The Sun


It stretched out there to the west ~~ the endless, silent, savage wilderness -only a fool or a brave man would challenge. Or a desperate one,

Dan Shankle was no fool. He was brave and his mission made him desperate.

For somewhere in those killing plains lay hidden the contrabandista, the man who traded guns to the Indians and sent them forth to pillage and massacre in a bloody swath across the frontier.

The contrabandista had to be stopped, and they sent Dan Shankle to do it.

Westward he rode, into parched badlands where the Indians massed Camanches who first would lift a man's scalp, then stake him out to die by inches.

West to the sun, into bitter country that gave no quarter, rode a man who had no time to give or ask for mercy.

Published by: Gold Medal (K1517), Date: 1955

Category: Adventure, Indians, Frontier

Edition: First
Format: Soft cover, 175 pages

Condition: (VG) Used paperback, Covers glossy, Light Spine Roll, all pages are clean and complete...Name in ink inside front cover.



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