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Title: The Long White Road

Author: Marvin H. Albert




The Long White Road



Death had a dozen faces...

The little band of men who set out to find the South Pole felt vibrantly alive, exulting in the challenge before them and confident that their leader, Ernest Shackleton, would bring them safely through the unknown dangers.

But as they began the trek over the treacherous Antarctic, they soon found that death had a dozen faces. It could come in the biting cold that scraped a man's lungs with every breath; it could come in a bottomless crevasse yawning suddenly under unwary feet; or it could come with an avalanche of snow and ice crushing disastrously down.

By all the rules of human endurance these men should have foundered and died. But Shackleton, their leader, knew no human rule!. And so they pushed on and on, inspired beyond the limits of man.

Here is one of the most amazing stories of survival—and courage—ever written


Book Facts.


Publisher:  Pyramid Books (# 6532  )

Edition: First - Date: 1960

Illustrated by: Patricia Windrow

Category: Non-Fiction, Adventure

Format: Paperback  160 pages

Condition: Used, (G) Bookstore stamp inside cover, Reading break on front cover, some minor loss of cover gloss. All other pages complete and clean.



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